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With over a decade of experience in the mental health field and a Masters degree in Counseling I understand both traditional and non-traditional approaches to mental health, wellness, and understanding the human psyche. I blend my knowledge in the field with personal wisdom, experience, insight, Astrology, intuition, and spirituality to help others better understand themselves, their life path, and identify potential healing paths.

If you are looking for a contemporary eclectic astrologer that is compassionate, trauma informed, and likes to think outside of the box you've come to the right place. Continue below to see how astrology or my other services may benefit you. To experience me as a content creator check out my blog or social media pages.

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Cosmic Design

Although we weren't born into this world with a manual, Astrology can provide us with the blueprint for how to best approach different aspects of life. We've heard before that there is no one size fits all solution and it is true! Your specific cosmic fingerprint can reveal information that is very specific to you and what will be your natural flow of order.

Here are some questions that I have been able to provide astrological insights and guidance for: Why do I keep attracting certain type of partners? What are my gifts and purpose? What other types of jobs should I work? What type of workouts might be easier for me to commit to or feel most natural for me? How can I improve my relationship? What shadow work do I need to do? Why am I like this? Could I be happier if I moved elsewhere?



Lets find your flow and better understand your cosmic design. We will look at your hardwired patterns, major themes, strengths, challenges and potential practical solutions. If you feel you will need more time and have more questions you can choose the in-depth consultation which is an extended version of this service.

Vocation & Purpose Consultation

Curious about your purpose or vocational skills and talents? In this consultation we will explore your energetic signature and what path feels most aligned with you. We will discuss your needs, gifts, strengths, and ways you can explore  them in a practical manner.

Relational consultation

Do you desire more insight regarding the way  you relate to others? Curious about ways to improve or approach those connections? Whether it be family, coworkers, or partners we will explore ways you show up in those connections and what to look out for in terms of your blind spots and healing points.

INtuitive consultation

Seeking more clarity and spiritual insight? Allow me to be a spirit messenger and provide that to you via a pre-recorded message. You do not need to be present for this service and can choose between a 10 min. or a 20 min. in depth message. Topics to choose from include General insight or Love.



My consultation was amazing! I've had a few readings done with Melissa now, and every one of them has been full of so much love! This natal consultation was no different. She connected so many dots for me, answered many questions, and even gave me a better perspective on a few placements I was giving the side eye. Highly recommend!


The readings are always on point, in depth, and insightful. I enjoy listening to my readings again and again to fully absorb the messages my guides want me to hear. Melissa is always professional and quick! Thank you for quality service.


Ok so the consultation was very informative and educated me more about my chart. You went into great depth about my chart and explained everything in a way that was easy for me to understand. Thank you. Also! I appreciate that you looked went way past my expectations by looking up the asteroids and other planetary items to give more depth to the consultation and just my chart in general.

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