Scorpios and Their Secrets

Updated: Sep 14

People that have Scorpio placements and strong influence in their chart understand the dark side, and they are not afraid—but aware. They can also be highly intuitive. Their ability to feel and sense the unseen also allows them to understand psychological issues and warfare. When trying to understand the energy of a sign it is helpful to have knowledge of the opposite sign. For Scorpio that is Taurus. Scorpio and Taurus exist on an axis, meaning their energy can flow on a spectrum with each sign being an extreme opposite of the other but sharing similarities. Scorpio is ruled by Mars (War), Taurus by Venus (Love/Pleasure). Modern astrology also views Pluto as a co-ruler of Scorpio. Pluto represents transformation and authority.

Scorpio understands the need to protect what is loved, valued, and owned without the need to be overtly defensive or aggressive, but the defensiveness still exists in a covert manner. Scorpio focuses on what can be lost. Taurus is motivated by gains and seeks to acquire pleasure, comforts, possessions. Taurus understands that without something to find value in there is nothing to protect, but once they have it—they’re hanging on to it. Scorpio understands that what is valuable to them, may be also be valuable to others, they see the value in what exists already and try to prevent loss. Because they are aware of the unseen they are able to sense and know that not all people have good intentions. Scorpio understands what it means to move in silence, and they know that enemies may use this strategy as well. As a means of protection, Scorpio finds wisdom in not showing their hand, or freely sharing the inner workings of their mind. They are aware that those insights can give key strategy to those who do not have good intentions. We all know that the wrong information in the wrong hands can be damaging, dangerous, or result in ill positioning. Scorpio would never casually forfeit their personal control and authority with their moves in this “game of chess” we call life. Being ruled by Mars, Scorpio—just like Aries, is willing to fight to protect what is theirs. Scorpio is a fixed sign so count on them being a steadfast and relentless opponent.

Not only does Scorpio know what is at stake, but what loss feels like on an unseen and psychological level—wounds cut deep; and sometimes this pain triggers what feels like personal death and rebirth or transformation. Scorpio also knows what is required to protect who or what it values and the lengths it will go in order to do so if necessary. There are situations, career paths, and moments in which Scorpio mode of operation is helpful and needed. However, it can brings a challenging aspect to relationships and connections. Scorpio stays ready to defend. Love and connection with others requires openness and trust. This is why Venus and Moon in Scorpio can be challenging placements. Both requires Scorpio to face emotion and connection I’m a very open way. Scorpio needs to feel protected and safe before even thinking about lowering defenses and being vulnerable. While Taurus will secure its comforts and affections and then release the angry bull if needed later.



If you have people in your life with Scorpio influence, understand that once they feel safe with you they will likely be more relaxed and open, but will always value their privacy. These are the people that can be very loyal and committed as friends and lovers but once they feel you have betrayed their trust things will change whether you perceive them to or not. And do note that Scorpio can be just as committed to being your enemy as well. If you have Scorpio influence in your chart check to see what area of life in which you may be defensive or struggle with vulnerability. While that mode of operation may come naturally, the goal is to learn how to be more open and vulnerable when you identify that someone is a safe person. Everyone is not the enemy and on the other end of the spectrum there may be love, comfort, value, and pleasures that await you (Taurus energy). There are two sides to every coin. With every sign or archetype—remember, it takes one to know one. Scorpio has the potential to be manipulative as well, so check your intentions and how you interact with others.

Being able to understand “the dark side” or deep dive emotionally and psychologically also means that Scorpio wounds can run deep. It is imperative for Scorpio placements to be willing to engage in healing work/shadow work, therapy, self-help, or some type of practice that allows them to transform and heal.

Nonetheless, the Scorpio/Taurus Axis reminds us that we protect what we value and there’s always a possibility of loss or gain. The walls built to protect and prevent loss can also be self defeating and create barriers to receiving and enjoying life or love. If you’re experiencing a lack of harmony in your life regarding this topic, look at your natal chart to see which topics relate to your Taurus house and Venus placement and incorporate those activities into your life.

**Strong Scorpio placements or similar energies**

Scorpio Rising, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus

Pluto in the 1st, Pluto aspecting the placements previously listed.

Pluto in the 4,7,10 house or IC, MC, DSC

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