Get it Out!

There are times when situations are sticky and you may feel like you’ve been silenced because speaking will cause more harm than good. This can especially occur when dealing with people in positions of influence, power, leadership, and those that are truly narcissistic.

I have held my tongue about a lot of things for over a year regarding multiple individuals. Lately I’ve been feeling like I would explode because I have not had an opportunity to address certain individuals directly. I definitely want to scream from mountain tops, but balance and wisdom tell me I must continue protecting my peace by getting my release in a manner that doesn’t initiate more chaos. It’s not worth the headache. There’s power in knowing even THIS is a choice because I’m NOT powerless!

Before I went to bed night before last I put all I needed to say in a letter for at least one of those individuals. What a release, my whole body went cold after I dropped the pen. Imagine what all that pent up energy must have been like, and often we are unaware it exists. I’m glad I released it from my body.

Nonetheless, I intend to burn the letter tonight. It’s one of the most vile but poetic pieces I’ve ever written. I do believe it belongs in a museum beside that hate mail Zora Neale Hurston wrote to that shady man.

I currently only remember the opening and closing the line. First line: You disgust me. Last line is full on billingsgate. Definitely gotta flame it up.

On relatable note...

I think astrology is amazing. It’s wild how the current planetary positions correlate with what I’m experiencing. Currently major attention is given to the heavenly bodies associated with emotions, love, digging up old wounds for the purpose of rebirth and even reclaiming power are all having a conversation with my planet of love.

Today we have a New Moon! New Moons are symbolic of a new cycle, a fresh start; and Capricorn energy is about laying foundations for what is mean to last, and committing to that work. In order to start anew you must be willing to leave some things behind and destroy what shouldn’t remain.

In preparation for stepping into a new cycle I read my letter aloud, had an at home v-steam session, said a good prayer, and slept like a baby.

Cheers to a good release 🥂, reclaiming my voice/power, and not carrying unspoken words in my heart space. Scmood brought to you by Moon, Pluto, and Venus and Capricorn season vibes.

Lesson: You can protect your peace and still speak your mind. Silence isn’t healthy when it eats you up inside. In other words if necessary Talk Yo Shit, even if only on paper.

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