Do You Remember?

Anytime I have decisions to make or feel out of sync with my life or environment I know I need to pause. Pause and play.

Pause and think of little Melissa. She gets me together.

Remember your inner child?

The one who just did what felt good and right? (Until others made you feel bad about it?) That’s the part of us we can easily neglect, but we are most in harmony when we remember and honor the needs of that part of ourselves. Integration of our whole self is important.

I’ve been mostly taking a social media break and just allowing myself to be, to explore, to remember who I am.

Little Melissa has been reminding me that I was always the kid that took interesting stones home that I found while away. My favorite classes were art and piano in elementary school; and in high school photography and theatre. I was the kid that always had a camera on me, I was taking pictures and repeatedly exploring my dad’s photo albums. If I was reading I was listening to music or writing poems. Especially in class. While listening to the teacher I was doodling on my paper and writing poems in the margins.

Aside from a veterinarian I wanted to be a gymnast or dancer and a paleontologist, study hieroglyphics, and own a telescope. Ha! So many things right? But the common theme is they all connected me with what I loved, what felt right, what brought me pleasure. I think some of us forget who we are and can get caught in the hamster wheel of life—or survival. We can forget that we deserve to feel, deserve pleasure and that adults need to play.

Lately I’ve been dancing around the house, spending time outdoors, writing poems, studying astrology, playing with creative ideas, and other top secret plans. (wink) I’m planning to add dance classes to my self-care routine too!

I also had an interesting astrology consultation and what came up was how Venus ruled activities keep me grounded. Cheers to me tethering myself through creative expression, pleasure, and sensuality. 💕

Here are the latest additions to my collection. I purchased them from

  1. Top—Moroccan Geode

  2. Left—Raw Lapis Luzali

  3. Righ—Mexican Trancas Geode

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