Break-time is Over

Some of you may or may not know that a couple of years ago I was a co-owner of a business. We had a good run, and enjoyed what we did but eventually knew it was time take a break and re-evaluate some things. Taking a break is exactly what we need at times to re-connect with ourselves and decide what truly matters. This is applicable outside of business. A day or two off from work or social media really makes a difference. Nonetheless. When we closed our business I realized how much life had taken a toll on me. Grief, bad relationships, and not having a work/life balance. I needed that time to replenish, reassess, and focus on myself.

I have really been getting in touch with my inner child and rediscovering old interests and business ideas. Which leads me to this announcement (drumroll please)....

I started a business!!! Yaaaay! I am so excited to be birthing projects right now that are from my heart space, and are my vision--- especially my Favored & Free Shop. Please check it out and subscribe for our newsletter so you will know about the sales and new product drops.

Also, I don't think I updated y'all, but the podcast is live as well and there are three episodes. They typically are released on Wednesdays. Thank you to all of you that have been, and continue to show support. It does not go unnoticed. I actually cried today as sales notifications came through my shop. Here's our debut shirt, I am excited about releasing the others.

I am writing this at 2:24 AM, to bed I go!

Love Always,


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