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Phoenix Soulchild

Astrologer, Creative, Mental Health Advocate
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Melissa is a multi-passionate individual with creativity, service, and transformation at the core of all she enjoys. From acting to podcasting, astrology to dancing and writing she explores and enjoys it all. Use the menu to learn more about the different projects she is a part of and to explore her service offerings.


"I am constantly learning, growing, and re-inventing myself just like a Phoenix. The journey of the Phoenix brings many lessons and opportunities for healing, and in this lifetime I feel called to be a light and share those lessons with those that have a desire to receive them. If that's you, I encourage you to explore my Lis'trology service offerings. I get great pleasure providing insights as an astrologer. Also follow me on social media to experience me as a content creator and check out the Favored and Free podcast. "

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